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Flower Basket titled Village Rain by Iizuka Rokansai


Iizuka Rokansai


Flower Basket titled Murasame, 'Village Rain'

c. 1936 39.8 x 25 x 25 Original signed wooden storage box Original lacquered water container

The seal on the box indicates that this basket was made c. 1936. It can also be compared to a work of similar material and form in the Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts of this same approximate date. Rokansai was then working diligently to raise the status of bamboo art in the national fine arts institutions. He made a number of works of great technical complexity in this period, and also works such as Village Rain, always of the most beautiful bamboo surfaces and appearing almost effortless in construction, another basket that seems as if these few long lengths were gathered up in a single breath.

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