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With over 16,000 years of recorded history, Japanese ceramics is one of humankind's most significant aesthetic traditionsEven 21st century ceramicists continue to draw from this deep cultural exploration of the forms, colors, and textures that lie hidden in the world around. 

Within this vast field of art, Eocene Arts specializes in the work of several Mingei potters and later 20th century ceramic artists, especially Hamada Shoji (濱田 庄司, 1894-1978), the Sodeisha potters Yagi Kazuo (八木 一夫, 1918-1979) and Suzuki Osamu (鈴 木藏, b. 1934), and Kamoda Shoji (加守田 章二 ,1933-1983).

Our special interest is in Kawai Kanjiro (河井 寛次郎, 1890-1967), master potter, poet, and calligrapher. Along with Yanagi Soetsu (柳 宗悦, 1899-1961) and Hamada Shoji, he was a co-founder of the still influential Mingei aesthetic movement. Kanjiro was a brilliant student of East Asian ceramic art, a master first of synthetic and then of natural glazes, and a creative soul who would not be constrained by any doctrine. 

This page does not reflect our complete holdings. Please contact us here for inquiries regarding ceramic art.

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