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Selection of modern minimalist mid-centuryJapanese bronze vases
Selection of modern minimalist mid-centuryJapanese bronze vases

Metallurgy, the entire process of finding, refining, smelting, and giving form to specific Earth elements, has always required special knowledge and effort. Beginning around 8000 years ago, this energy-intensive process has always been reserved only for objects of special significance.

Eocene Arts explores the deep tradition of metalwork in Japan. With very limited supply of minerals necessary to make metal, Japanese metal artists were always also metallurgists who developed and refined special techniques to maximize the quality of their metal goods. Their Yayoi Era bells are early wonders of metal craft. Edo Era sword blades remain some of the highest quality metal objects of human history.

Japanese metalwork flowered brilliantly in the 20th century, when traditional technical knowledge of metal casting and hammering entered into dialogue with the industrial mode of production and modern aesthetic sensibility. In a few decades, artists such as Takamura Tomochika (1890-1972), Nakajima Yasumi I (1877-1952 ) and II (1906-1988), Aida Tomiyasu (1901-1987), and many others seemed to reinvent the material and the medium, and redefine its possibility in the arts. In addition, Japanese artists often added rich lacquer finishes to create a stunningly innovative field of 20th century sculptural vessels.

Eocene Arts seeks fine and challenging works of bronze and silver, and our collection is always evolving. Please use the Contact page to inquire about current or prospective works. 

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